Milestone Inspections

As a result of the tragic Surfside collapse the State of Florida has made changes requiring mid and high rise condominium structures to be surveyed for signs of deterioration. The recent changes passed in SB-4D and included updates to the Florida statutes section 553.899. These requirements outline that condominium structures throughout the State of Florida now must have Milestone Inspections completed based on their age and proximity to the coast. The Milestone Inspections must be completed by a Licensed Professional Engineer or Architect and will consist of a Phase One survey and Phase Two survey. The initial Phase One survey is visual in nature only and is requirement for all structures that need a Milestone Survey. The Phase Two survey is only necessary if “Substantial Structural Deterioration” is observed. The Phase Two survey is required to include destructive testing as outlined by the Engineer or Architect to assist in determining the extent and cause of deterioration that is present. Prescott Engineering has been providing condition surveys and destructive testing for years prior to these requirements being implemented by the State.

Prescott Engineering is here to help guide you through the challenging task of ensuring that your building is properly surveyed and provide recommendations for any necessary repairs to ensure the building is safe and well maintained.